Digital Marketing And Its Use And Importance

What is Digital Marketing? 

Over the past few decades, digital marketing and its use have had to keep up and content with leaps in technology and our relationship with it ever since. In today’s world where the internet is entwined with everything we do, the importance of digital marketing has become very clear. It has also become an integral part of what business means to its customers.

Digital marketing and its use over the past few years

Yahoo was launched which was the first e-commerce transaction over the net market and in the year 1996 smaller search engines. Therefore, in this case, digital marketing has already been grown to one extent and this was the birth of Google Microsoft. Also launched MSN. Also in the year 2001, the first mobile marketing campaign took place next in the year. 2003 Word Press was released.

I think most of you know how Word PressWorks any of the content creators would know

How a word press is used and in 2000 for Gmail Facebook and Google goes life.

Digital marketing has achieved these Milestones in 2005.

You have YouTube being launched and in the year 2006 it was launched and also in the Year 2007 Tom Lowe Spotify was launched in the year 2008 and Google launches its first real-time search engine results in the year 2009 and WhatsApp has also launched in the year 2010, which I think this application is used by most of them.What’s up is also a platform for digital marketing India, 2011 Google Plus and Google Pandawas launched 2012 Knowledge Graph was launched. By Google and in the year 2013 Facebook Messenger app was launch and this is the year where Facebook took over WhatsApp also in the year 2015. There was Snapchat, so this is exactly how digital marketing took the mainstream one by one here by here.

You can see that they have come across so many challenges and they have discovered so many new things.

Let us move on and understand why exactly do you need to master digital marketing?

What is the necessity for you to learn digital marketing and its importance?

The major reason would be marketing has many options for people. It is always related to the strategies associated with it and you can get creative and experiment with every little aspect of the marketing campaign. However, when you compare this with the traditional way of marketing, the task that you can complete online cannot be done this is impossible for people with the help of traditional marketing. So Traditional marketing firms would be printing ads phone communication and also physical marketing now say if you want to start your business

In addition, you want to promote them. You cannot go to everybody’s house knock on their doors until I am going to start this project or I am going to work on this would you please help me do it? No, nobody in recent days does that. So one platform that you can put across your views put across your ideas about what you are going to be doing is a digital marketing

Therefore, you can get a lot of support from the other people who are already working on it and you can get a lot of guidance. Therefore, this is exactly why you need to master digital marketing.